The Best Option in the Implementation of Major Events

Success is often an ally of the integrated work, from the beginning to the end of a single team that loves what works, and is proficient in its implementation in order to develop ideas and enrich the effectiveness with professional staff in various areas beginning with plans and designs and end marketing and media echo.


We provide the customer with the best digital marketing plans and implement them with a professional and high accuracy that enables the identification of the target group and access them through special packages on social media networking sites.

Media Management

Media Center is the heart of the effectiveness of the beginning of deployment and coordination with the media and the end of the echoes of advertising. We have close relationships with leading media outlets.

Manage Subscribers

We provide manpower with a highly skilled team in managing participants, communicating, managing crises and emergencies.

Businessmen Services

The business and VIP service is characterized by the utmost privacy, and the exact requirements and special requirements, given the nature of their needs, so we are keen to provide the finest and fastest services with all the meaning of the word of privacy to customers.

Establishing companies inside and outside Saudi Arabia

We provide the establishment of companies inside and outside the Saudi Arabia without the need to travel and the presence of the businessman where we review the government departments and the end of all transactions related to the establishment of companies and obtain the necessary licenses in record time and attractive prices.

We also offer the opening of commercial representative offices - an official address - for all your works and companies outside the Saudi Arabia where your mail is received and all your transactions on it and we transfer it to you anywhere in the world. In addition to assigning a fixed telephone number for your company upon request.

Touristic Services

We offer variable tours to the most beautiful and prestigious places in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Plans and desires of customers involving adventures, cruises, desert camping, leisure tours and tours involving museums, exhibitions, festivals, historical and cultural tours and an introduction to monuments, team building tours and accompanied by tour guides.

VIP Services

We also offer many and many services to very important people inside and outside Saudi Arabia.

Tour Guide

We also offer our clients the best tour guides and speak many languages which makes your trip more enjoyable and easy.

Travel Arrangements

We can make all travel arrangements for you, just rest and enjoy your trip from us.

The objective of our project is economic development and support for our wise government in economic development and advanced business.