Businessmen Services

We Provide All Services Related to Businessmen and Investment

The business center and VIPs are fully committed to the needs of the business community and VIPs. The company is committed to providing the highest quality and fastest service in terms of privacy. Has provided specialized staff to provide the highest quality service.

Establishing Companies Inside and Outside Saudi Arabia

We provide the establishment of companies inside and outside the Kingdom without the need to travel and the presence of the businessman where we review the government departments and the end of all transactions related to the establishment of companies and obtain the necessary licenses in record time and attractive prices.

We also offer the service of opening commercial representation offices – official address – for all your work and your companies outside the Kingdom where your mail is received and all your transactions on it and we transfer it to you anywhere in the world. In addition to assigning a fixed telephone number for your company upon request.

Advantages of Businessmen Services
  • Recruitment of specialists for the needs and requirements of businessmen and VIPs
  • Reception and escort to and from the airport
  • Confirm bookings, postpone, cancel, modify while traveling
  • Providing transportation services with the latest private vehicles for businessmen
  • Follow up customer service to ensure that all services are easily accessible
  • Providing accommodation with exclusive serviced apartments for business travelers in very quiet locations
  • Private escorts and interpreters as desired

Providing the Best Services For Businessmen and Investment in Full Privacy

The service of organizing business meetings, arranging official appointments and scheduled agendas, receiving the Baathist commercial, industrial and commercial delegations, comparative work of the offers from companies and factories, communicating with all companies in all investment fields.

Booking of Hotels

We offer hotel reservations in the heart of the city, with luxury accommodation for business and investors looking for a unique experience in the city.

Booking of Airline Tickets

Booking airline tickets in business class On the best airline, we do not offer you a seat but a studio with ample space for work, rest and entertainment.

Tour Guide

Translation services and tour guide speaks Arabic, English, French and Turkish, translators for business and VIP.

Car With Driver

We offer business customers the convenience of our luxury cars, to deliver them to and from any destination within the country and destination.

Request For Contact With the Business Service Department

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