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Good service in the hotel industry, exhibitions and events require special tools. Our company is very successful in serving our guests thanks to its numerous hotel supply offerings. Work is often planned in hotels very carefully, in tandem and in succession. To ensure that the best results can be achieved in the cleaning sector of the rooms, in the front reception offices and in the kitchens, in the long term, good functional aids are required. As a partner for the hotel sector, we know well the requirements of hotel processing well. In the category of vehicles only, we offer many practical help for day-to-day work in hotels: Cityscape offers ranging from maid cars to bedrooms, restaurant carts, laundry and baggage carts.

Supplying the Finest Quality

The hotel may remain open to guests 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, which is a heavy burden for consumer purposes. Provide cabinets, shelves, and solutions for powerful and functional kitchen facilities and for room cleaning. The carriers, platforms, insurance systems, and attractive visual guidance systems give the hotel a good impression whether it is behind the scenes, in the main lobby or in the conference rooms. Luggage trolleys with beautiful design and very high endurance provide the best maneuverability and fit in design and exterior with the classic or modern surroundings. Cars in the food and beverage sector also convince guests by meeting ideal health standards.

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