Organization of Exhibitions and Conferences Services

We Provide All Services Related to Exhibitions and Conferences

We provide all services related to the establishment of exhibitions and conferences for government and private entities through a specialists in organizing conferences and official meetings. We organize exhibitions, conferences and entertainment events by arranging all the tasks and requirements for the completion of the exhibition.

Management of Media Platforms

Media Center is the heart of the effectiveness of the beginning of deployment and coordination with the media and the end of the echoes of advertising and we have close relations with the leading media.

Manage Crowds and Participants

We provide manpower with a highly skilled team in crowd management, communication, crisis management and emergencies to ensure the success of the event and create an unforgettable event.

Exhibitions and Conferences

We are one team that loves what works and is proficient in its implementation in order to develop ideas and enrich the effectiveness with professional staff in various areas beginning with plans and designs and end marketing and echo media.

Media Documentation

We believe that the goal of organizing and managing events is the desire for excellence and marketing access, and in order to achieve its goal, all details must be managed in a coherent manner regardless of the different specialties of the teams.


We provide the customer with the best digital marketing plans and implement them with a professional and high accuracy that enables the identification of the target group and access them through special packages on social networking sites.

Professional Documentation

Our company specializes in professional photography, documenting the event (video, photography), cinematography, advertising and aerial photography using the latest theories in the world of production.

Event Management

Defining the objective of the activity and preparing the financial and marketing plan, collecting all necessary information and data on the effectiveness, identifying and choosing the place and time and the appropriate location for the effectiveness.

Complete services for exhibitions, conferences and events, with different activities and objectives

We are always keen on innovation. We are fully aware of what your business wing needs to bring visitors to the exhibition and make it suitable for your products or services.

Content Management

The best solutions and means to free the contents of your various social media, towards building an effective and attractive media base for your activities and companies.

Event Management

We put in your hands all of its expertise and outstanding technical team to accompany you in managing your event successfully and effectively from the ground up.

Processing of Exhibitions

Help you to select the best halls and theaters and the best to embrace your various activities with Rakhraj modern ideas and innovative.

Printing Services

Printing various advertising posters, public and private invitations as well as various advertising and marketing signs for exhibitions and conferences.

Event catering services

We offer fully designed packages for audio and video equipment, lighting, supplies, decoration and furniture, various options including interior bushings, solid walls, wall and glass systems and insulating walls for leisure parties

Graduation Concerts Services

If you are looking for a single stop for all outdoor activities or events for social events and graduation ceremonies, city squares have the right solution to meet your different needs.

Wedding Planning Services

weddings need equipment of a special kind. As a result of its many details, the party women & men was not able to know all these details. The choice of a hall and the hospitality in addition to decorating the hall, the buffet and the shows all require specialists who can do all these tasks. The details are small or large, so leave this task to us with the planning of the party and the related decoration of the room and hospitality and other things, you can now relax and rest and leave it all to us.

Decoration services

We are determined to manage and organize conferences, with modern and innovative ideas for decorating, to exceed customer dreams, achieve their goals and expectations ...

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