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Support and Logistics Services

Rapid Logistics Support

We provide logistics services to all companies for the purpose of operating from the provision of human resource according to the logistics agreement of delivery services by applications of open restaurants, shops, and others.


Our company provides cars, drivers, and uniforms included company logo, whether the company or the logo of the company that is contracted for employment or without the work is prepared by the company’s management for all logistic and service works through a specialized management department, under the management of operating managers and supervisors in the distribution of works, management of business programs, follow up of the efficiency of the assignments and responses to the management of the contractor, immediately and providing management of work programs for the coordinators and call center for any work required by the service and support any media producer through media by our offices at inside and outside.


Provides services to companies and facilities from working hands with a system of regular and technical workers and drivers on request.

Support services for shipping packages

The company seeks to save time and work for other companies in carrying out the supporting services to deliver orders and packages inside and outside the Kingdom from receiving and delivering through trainee employees with advanced courses


We bear all the administrative affairs of the employees and bear the cars and provide a special crew dedicated to work According to the agreement of the duration and time and number of services Nerv in the service of all companies and government facilities and bodies and others inside and outside the Kingdom with all credibility and performance and work distinct


Transfer, receive, and deliver packages from homes in the name of the company’s main company, customer service, customer needs, service termination, ease of use, increased revenue and customer feedback via integrated call center, Shipping, and unloading services and providing manpower for all activities and services

Rapid Logistics Support

Provide a crew of drivers, hosts, and cars to receive delegations with the latest models of cars and through skilled drivers with proficiency in Arabic and English and display the latest car specifications for them and provide hotels and accommodation and reception and farewell

Providing tour guides, interpreters and interpreters as requested.

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